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Severe weather like Texans experienced from the recent Winter Storm aka Winter Storm Uri may have caused damage to your commercial property. If you run a business or own commercial property that has suffered damage, you know that cost of reconstruction is only part of your financial losses. Often, the most significant financial damage results from business interruption, reinstalling new equipment and fixtures, replacing inventory, and losing rent revenue.

Business owners purchase commercial property insurance to protect themselves from devastating financial losses, including the full cost of business interruption. However, insurance companies often limit their financial exposure by undervaluing the amount of revenue lost, preferring instead to point only to structural damages. At the Barton Law Group, we don’t think that’s right.

The Real Cost of a Catastrophic Event Includes The Loss Of Business

Don’t let the insurance company try to tell you that you didn’t lose any revenue during reconstruction. Insurance companies often try to limit their financial exposure in commercial policy claims by denying the financial losses due to business interruption. During the time your building is undergoing renovations, damaged equipment is reinstalled and destroyed inventory is replaced, you face months of lost revenue and customer awareness. In addition to the physical damage, you face high costs of marketing to make sure customers return for business when you reopen. You have the right to claim the full amount of business interruption loss. Turn to us for experienced help evaluating the extent of your losses now – and in the future.

If your business insurance claim has been denied, delayed, or underpaid, do not hesitate to Barton Law Group based in Houston. Barton Law Group has worked in all metropolitan areas of Texas and rural areas throughout the state. Our team of insurance litigation trial attorneys has been standing firm on the side of policyholders for more than 30 years. Our lawyers aggressively protect the rights of insurance policyholders throughout Texas. Mr. Barton has settled thousands of claims as a former insurance adjuster and trial lawyer with great success in the courtroom. 

Put his reputation, record, and experience to work for you. There are no fees or expenses unless there’s a recovery!

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