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Our law firm has extensive experience with large loss insurance disputes. Our team of dedicated attorneys and experts have the experience to navigate the complex arena of insurance claim disputes and litigation. Barton Law Group has successfully represented thousands of businesses and homeowners United States.

We fight for policyholders who are getting pushed around by insurance companies and their experts. The Insurance industry hires the usual suspect experts to write cookie cutter reports to limit or deny your claim. You need a team of lawyers and experts on your side to advocate for you maximizing coverages and damages. If your insurance claim has been unfairly denied, delayed, or under paid contact our experienced team today for a free case evaluation.

Commercial Property Owners

Whether you have suffered property loss to your building, fixtures, machines, furnishings or inventory, we can help. We have handled countless cases against insurance companies for property damage, code upgrades and business interruption. Commercial properties require expert inspections, analysis and opinions to make your best case for a full recovery after a loss. Put 30 years of experience to work for you. As a former claims adjuster, I have seen it all.


A property insurance claim can be a devastating event for a homeowner. A residential property claim involves restoring or replacing property including both structure and the personal property to pre-loss conditions within the limits of insurance policy.

Industrial Property Owners

In addition to physical losses, damaged industrial properties may suffer from the effect of business interruption and loss of profits. Unfortunately, for some industrial facilities, the damage left by a covered loss makes it necessary to cease operations for an extended period of time. Many adjusters do not assist policy holders to make all the claims they paid premiums to cover. You need experiences coverage analysis to maximize your claim.

Condo Property Managers

When a disaster results in damage to condominium or community association properties, condo property managers and/or board of directors are responsible for filing insurance claims.

Property Management Companies

Property Management Companies are responsible for filing insurance claims when properties under their care suffer damage from covered losses.