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Plumbing And Water Leak Insurance Claim Litigation For Policyholders Throughout Texas

A dripping joint or a split pipe can drip water for days or weeks before the damage to interior walls, insulation, ceilings and floors becomes evident. If you hold a homeowners or commercial property insurance policy in Texas, you should expect to receive monetary compensation for the cost of reworking the plumbing, clean up and reconstructing the damages. If you own an apartment building or other commercial business, you should expect to be paid for lost revenues due to necessary vacancies or business interruption during reconstruction, as well.

If your water leakage property insurance claim has been denied, delayed or undervalued, turn to Barton Law Firm, in Houston. Our team of insurance litigation trial lawyers has been standing firmly on the side of policyholders for 25 years. From our offices in Houston, our lawyers aggressively protect the rights of insurance policyholders throughout Texas.

Contact Our Texas Attorneys For Water Damage Insurance Claims

If you are facing a denied or undervalued claim or bad faith insurance practice, call us toll free at 800-800-1505 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Houston water leak insurance claim attorneys. You may also use our convenient email contact form. We handle all insurance litigation cases on a contingency fee basis.