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Sump Pump Flooding Insurance Claims in Texas

Water damage is one of the leading reasons for filing an insurance claim. If your sump pump fails you could be facing extensive water damage to your property. This could include damage to the structure, personal property, or the equipment itself. Water damage left untreated could lead to further damage including mold. 

If you purchased a homeowners or commercial property insurance policy in Texas, you should expect to receive monetary compensation for the cost of reworking the plumbing, clean up and reconstructing the damages. If you own an apartment building or other commercial business, you need a team of specialized experts to estimate your property and income loss as your advocate. The insurance company will be sending theirs and they know who is paying their bill. Would you allow the IRS to prepare your yearly tax return? 

Claims adjustment is not supposed to be an adversarial process but in reality, it is and you need professionals working your side of the claim.

If your sump pump flooding insurance claim has been denied, delayed, or underpaid, do not hesitate to Barton Law Group based in Houston. Barton Law Group has worked in all metropolitan areas of Texas and rural areas throughout the state. Our team of insurance litigation trial attorneys has been standing firm on the side of policyholders for more than 30 years. Our lawyers aggressively protect the rights of insurance policyholders throughout Texas. Mr. Barton has settled thousands of claims as a former insurance adjuster and trial lawyer with great success in the courtroom. 

Put his reputation, record, and experience to work for you. There are no fees or expenses unless there is a recovery!

Please submit your information for a free consultation of your sump pump flooding insurance claim.