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Be Prepared as a Business Owner

As a small business owner, one issue that you must be prepared for is the possibility of being sued for accidents on your property or harm caused by your employees. You purchased your commercial general liability (CGL) insurance to protect you in these situations, and you have the right to expect that your insurance company will be there to support you in the event of a claim.

Talk To A Lawyer If You Are Not Being Treated Fairly By Your Insurance Company

It is an unfortunate reality that in many cases your insurance company will deny a perfectly legitimate claim and leave you holding the bag. These denials are quite intentional and are frequently used as a way for the insurance company to avoid fulfilling its responsibility under the terms of the policy. These are complex cases that require the attention of a qualified attorney.

At the Barton Law Firm, we have extensive experience handling complex insurance litigation matters, representing small business owners in a wide variety of insurance coverage disputes. We understand the technicalities that insurance companies attempt to use as grounds to refuse a policyholder’s claim, and we have proven strategies that can be used to overcome them.

Wrongful Failure To Defend Against A Liability Claim

We also represent small business owners in cases involving an insurance company’s failure to defend them against a liability claim. If you are being sued for liability and the insurance company is refusing to defend you, we will work to ensure that you receive the full benefit of your coverage.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Insurance Coverage Dispute

Contact our office in Houston, Texas, to learn more about how we can help with your insurance coverage dispute. You can schedule a free initial consultation by calling us toll free at 800-800-1505 or contacting us via email.