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Aggressive Insurance Claim Litigation For Policyholders Throughout Texas

Small business owners in Texas understand that they need to play by the rules in order to be successful and remain in business. They also know that running a business comes with an obligation to prevent devastating financial losses resulting from catastrophic weather, fire damage and related business interruption.

If you own and operate a business in Texas and have a disputed claim with your commercial insurance carrier, the Barton Law Firm, in Houston, is here to help. Our lawyers have decades of experience protecting the rights of honest, hard-working business owners against bad faith insurance practices such as denied, inadequate or delayed claims and policy cancellation. We represent commercial policyholders throughout Texas. Call us toll free at 800-800-1505 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Houston commercial property insurance claims attorneys. You may also use our convenient email contact form. We handle all insurance litigation cases on a contingency fee basis.

Our experience includes successful litigation on behalf of commercial policyholders for claims involving:

  • Interior plumbing water leakage
  • Fire damage, smoke and related water damage
  • Damage to inventory, fixtures and furnishings
  • Hail damage to building and truck, van or automobile fleet
  • Wind and storm damage
  • Hurricane and tornado damage

The Real Cost Of A Catastrophic Event Includes The Loss Of Business

Don’t let the insurance company try to tell you that you didn’t lose any revenue during reconstruction. Insurance companies often try to limit their financial exposure in commercial policy claims by denying the financial losses due to business interruption. During the time your building is undergoing renovations, damaged equipment is reinstalled and destroyed inventory is replaced, you face months of lost revenue and customer awareness. In addition to the physical damage, you face high costs of marketing to make sure customers return for business when you reopen. You have the right to claim the full amount of business interruption loss. Turn to us for experienced help evaluating the extent of your losses now – and in the future.