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Fire Insurance Claim Litigation For Policyholders Throughout Texas

Property owners in Texas who have suffered fire damage know what the flames, smoke and fire department water can do to a structure. In most cases, homeowners or commercial property insurance policyholders have little problem collecting the money they need for reconstruction. What many people don’t realize, however, is that owners of buildings next to or near the site of the fire often suffer smoke, heat and water damage as well. Proving ‘collateral’ damage from a nearby fire can be an uphill battle with insurance companies, however.

The smell of smoke can penetrate furniture, furnishings and inventory in homes and businesses near the site of the actual fire. Insurance companies would rather pay for cleaning your property than compensating you for the cost of replacement. But in most cases, cleaning is sufficient to remove the full damage. We hold insurance companies accountable for replacing your damaged property – per the terms of the policy.

If your house or furnishings have been affected by a nearby fire, or if your business inventory, equipment or customer traffic has been affected by a fire, you deserve compensation from your homeowners or commercial property insurance company. If you have been denied your claim because the flames did not cause burn damage, talk to Barton Law Firm in Houston.

Contact An Experienced Texas Property Insurance Attorney

From our offices in Houston, our lawyers aggressively protect the rights of insurance policyholders throughout Texas. If you are facing a denied or undervalued claim or bad faith insurance practice, call us toll free at 800-800-1505 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Houston attorneys for wind and storm damage insurance claims. You may also use our convenient email contact form.