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Business Interruption Loss Coverage Caused by Coronavirus


Business Interruption Loss Coverage Caused By the Coronavirus

Business owners may be covered for business interruption due to the Coronavirus. 
Ask yourself the following:

1) Do I have an insurance policy on my business or property? Yes

2) Do I have Business Income Loss Coverage?

3) Do I have a Pandemic Coverage Endorsement?

4) Do I have Civil Authority Coverage?

Insurance companies are likely to deny these claims. Even if your business has ”pandemic insurance,” it is possible that your carrier will automatically deny coverage based on the allegedly “novel” nature of the Coronavirus. There are many moving parts to coverage now. Some states are attempting to pass legislation to broaden the interpretation of polices in favor of coverage. The insurance industry has mobilized to defeat these efforts.

If you can answer question 1 and either question 2,3, or 4 yes, then It could be very valuable to your business to have an experienced insurance lawyer review your individual facts and policy. Consults and policy reviews are free. Please contact my firm at 713-227-4747 or email me direct at