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How Can I protect myself from an insurance company avoiding paying what I owe?


How Can I Protect Myself From An Insurance Company Avoiding Paying What I’m Owed?

Homeowner insurance policy holders hope they will never have to use it. When the unimaginable happens – whether partial damage due to a storm, or a complete loss of the home – insurance companies can add insult to injury by trying to avoid paying out the full amount the homeowner is due. You aren’t helpless, though. There are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself in advance of a catastrophe to make sure that you are protected.

Pick an insurance company you feel confident in

Shop insurance companies based on reviews of other homeowners and industry ratings. Pay attention to which companies have a great track record of paying out quickly and fully. Avoid insurance companies that charge lower premiums but have a bad reputation.

Know your policy

Do your homework in advance and find out exactly what is covered by the policy. Review it with a knowledgeable attorney, if at all possible. Just make sure that you have a policy that covers everything you value. Also, revisit the policy over time to make sure that nothing has changed in coverage.

Ask questions and make sure you get the answers you need

Become familiar with your agent and ask the right questions. If you have any qualms about your policy, be persistent until you get the answer that makes you feel confident in your coverage.

Look for a good contractor

Long before a storm, keep your eyes open for a contractor who does good work. Don’t trust that the contractor referred to you by the insurance company will provide the best quality work. Have options before you need them.

Be prepared with top-notch legal representation

As the saying goes, it’s best to walk softly and carry a big stick. If you know that you are backed by an attorney who is experienced in going after big insurance companies, you can confidently demand the full amount you are due. Insurance companies are much more cooperative if they know you have a lawyer who is prepared to win big settlements against them.

If the situation becomes bad enough, be prepared to take legal action

Our attorneys focus on suing insurance companies who are trying to rip off consumers. We have the experience and legal skills needed to achieve big wins against insurance companies. We are prepared to get the money you deserve. Please call us in the Houston area at 713-227-4747, toll free at 866-508-6174 or contact us via email to schedule a free initial consultation.