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Protection Starts at the Top

The protection of any home or commercial building begins with its roof. If the shingles are damaged in a severe rain or hail storm, or the structure is compromised by strong winds, it can result in a roof that is no longer capable of providing the protection necessary to ensure the integrity of your home or business.

Insurance companies are notoriously resistant to roof damage claims. They are frequently dismissed as either not being covered by your policy or the alleged damage not having occurred. Many policyholders make the mistake of taking the insurance company at its word. When even seemingly minor damage goes unrepaired, it can lead to much more serious problems down the line.

Talk To A Lawyer

If you have suffered any kind of roof damage and your insurance company is not taking the claim seriously, you should speak with an attorney with the ability to protect your interests. At the Barton Law Firm, we represent residential and commercial property owners across Texas in a wide variety of these insurance claims.

We have experience representing clients in roof damage claims arising from any cause, including:

Contact Our Houston Office To Discuss Your Roof Damage Claim

We understand how overwhelming it can be to deal with insurance companies during difficult times. You can rely on us for sound advice and strong representation. Please call us toll free at 800-800-1505 or contact us via email to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer.