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Steps homeowners need to take after Texas storms


Steps Homeowners Need To Take After Texas Storms

Dallas-area residents were reminded just how powerful Mother Nature is when violent storms ripped through their neighborhoods over the holidays. Many homeowners are now left picking up debris and piecing together their insurance policy coverage. After going through the trauma of storms causing catastrophic damage to their homes, homeowners may face a second wave of assault when dealing with their insurers. Even policyholders who faithfully paid their premiums for years may have their claims denied, delayed or undervalued.

To avoid this outcome, homeowners should take the following steps:

File your initial insurance claim as soon as possible

Insurers often use policyholder delays in filing claims as reason to deny, delay or undervalue payments.

Have “before and after” photo evidence of the damage

Be sure to document the damage with photos that show as much detail as possible.

Gather all relevant receipts to help back up the value of your property

Insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing the cost of replacing products that were damaged. Even if you don’t think your property sustained damage, it’s important to find out for sure by hiring an inspector. Damages such as slow water leaks, electrical problems and structural loss can lake a year or more after a storm to show up, and by that time it could be too late to make a claim.

Pay attention to claim filing deadlines

Following a weather disaster like the one that took place at the end of last month, insurance companies put a deadline in place for when claims will be accepted for repairs and replacements.

Work with an experienced attorney

Your lawyer can provide you with advice to help you reduce the chance of your claim being denied, delayed or reduced. If you get the sense that your insurer is not treating you fairly, your attorney can stand up for your right to a full and fair payment. If you need help, please call us in the Houston area at 713-227-4747, toll free at 866-508-6174 or contact us via email to schedule a free initial consultation.