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Hurricane And Tornado Insurance Claim Litigation For Policyholders Throughout Texas

Hurricanes and tornadoes in Texas are among the most destructive forces of nature. Homeowners and business operators throughout the state know that every year brings a new season of catastrophic damage. Most take the commonsense precaution of purchasing property insurance to cover potential damage. While it may seem obvious to policyholders that their building or property suffered significant damage from high winds and violent rains, insurance adjusters don’t always see it that way.

At Barton Law Firm in Houston, we have been helping homeowner and commercial policyholders recover the full amount of monetary damages caused by tornadoes and hurricanes, rain, wind and hail for 25 years. We offer some commonsense advice to help you reduce the chance of a denied or reduced claim following a violent storm.

  • Document your damages. Have before and after photos available for the adjuster. Include close-up photos that detail the damage. This is particularly necessary for dents to roofs and siding.
  • Keep your receipts for your home furnishings and business equipment and inventory. Find your receipts that may have been soaked or damaged in the storm and dry them out. Insurance adjusters are professionals at undervaluing the cost of replacing damaged products.
  • Don’t assume your house or commercial building survived undamaged just because everything cleaned up well. Hire a professional, certified inspector. Flying debris, high wind and hail can result in damage that may take a year or more to show up in the form of a slow water leak, electrical problems or structural loss.
  • File your initial claim as soon as possible following the tornado or hurricane damage. Insurance companies use policyholder delays as justification for delaying, denying or undervaluing payments.
  • Pay attention to filing deadlines for repairs, replacement and business interruption claims. Insurance companies are firm about the length of time they will accept a claim following a weather disaster.

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